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There Is Such A Thing As Good Press

Monday, October 14 2013

I am a magazine junkie. I have subscriptions to 14 magazines. I worked 11 years in the magazine business. Although it has been nearly 10 years since I've left and became a librarian, I still enjoy them. Actually, I enjoy them better now that I am a reader. It's not stressful! LOL. It is also easier as a reader because I know all of the tricks from photo editing, air brushing, and copy editing. Pictures of actresses with perfectly groomed hair or models with well made up faces don't lower my self-esteem, because I know what computer tricks were used to make them so perfect. These people are imperfect. We're all imperfect! We should all embrace our imperfections. As I tell my daughters, if you don't feel good about yourself naked, you want feel good in the most expensive make up or clothes. We wear clothes because we have too. We wear make up because we want to. It's fun.

Now that I am an Avon Independent Sales Rep, not only do I have fun wearing make but selling it as well. I love it when I have a catalog on my desk at work or on my lap on the bus, and someone excitedly asks "do you sell Avon? I've been looking to buy." I like the the little rush I get at potential sales. I leave brochures on the counters at places I frequent--bank, bus stand, library, post office. You never know who will come up behind you, grab the catalog and shop. I also got some business cards made up. I tuck a business card into every tip jar (along with a dollar) at businesses I frequent. I like to imagine that one business card will get passed on to at least five people before it hits a trash can or (hopefully) a wallet.

But I digress...I was speaking of good press! In the October issue of Redbook magazine, they listed both an Avon and a Mark product as some of the best current beauy products under $25. First was the brand new Avon Elements Skin Revitalize 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Roller and the second is the Mark Just Blushing Powder Blush in Foxy--a color that they declare is universal! So take a moment to celebrate something good, and pick up one of these under $15 products. (They'll make great hostess gifts or stocking stuffers over the holidays.) Stay true, stay beautiful.

Forget Halloween Tricks, Treat Yourself

Friday, October 04 2013

I was going to start off this post about the beauty of the fall weather--crisp pears, apple cider, and warm stews. Then, New York got some unseasonably warm weather. On October 1st, it was 82 degrees! When sandals, pedicures, and shorts are still part of the routine, what to do? Ride it until the wheels fall off! In other words, pamper your feet and swipe on some bright colors until the weather swings back to normal (?!!).

I love giving myself pedicures because it is one of the few inexpensive ways that I can pamper myself. Now that my daughters are old enough to entertain themselves, I can get a solid 30 minutes to take care of my feet. First off, I light a few of my scented candles in the bathroom and fill the bath tub a third of the way with Epsom salt and some body wash. You can use an inexpensive shampoo or dish detergent with you favorite scent for maximum bubble power. With a magazine in lap, I soak until the water gets chilly. (Don't forget to remove your old polish before you get in the tub.)

Before I drain the water, I give my heals and the soles of my feet a good massage using a foot scrub. (I like using Avon's Foot Works Cherry Ice Exfoliating Scrub.) If you're particularly callused, you can spread it on a foot file and work your heels and dry spots.  Once I've rinsed and dried off, I push back my cuticles (never cut!) and trim my nails while they're still damp and soft. I round the edges a bit with a nail file and moisturize with a heavy duty foot balm. (Petroleum Jelly or olive oil can be great dry skin savers.)

If it has been a hard day, I rub a cooling lotion or Anageslic lotion--I have arthritis in my my left knee and I'm on my feet a lot during the day.  (Try Avon's Foot Works Healthy Arthritis Achy Foot & Muscle Cream.) I use nail polish remover to wipe away any excess lotion from my toes and prepare to polish. I'm not really a base coat type of gal, but YMMV. Finally, you are ready for your polish. Since we're still dealing with summer temps, experiment with a summer nail trend that previously frightened you. Milky white and pale tips were big as well as the "caviar" textured look and glitter tips. Color blocking and polka dots were also the rage.  Search Pinterest for the visuals!

Tell me about your pedicure rituals and favorite colors. I'd love to hear all about it.

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